“We can breathe here! We’ve been able to find a great balance for our family in Mudgee. We can enjoy our work and build our careers, but still be home to have dinner together.”

Having been born and bred in Brisbane, no matter where they moved, Sammy and her husband and three young children were facing the relative unknown, but when they moved to Mudgee they were greeted by a lovely change of pace, space to enjoy themselves and quality family time. Now there’s no looking back.


Sammy and her family’s move to Mudgee was originally motivated by her husband’s work in the resources sector. Adam knew the economy was strong in Mudgee, as were job prospects. He shared Sammy’s wish to have a lifestyle that afforded them opportunity. In Mudgee they have the time to enjoy their young children while they are still little, curious and adventurous.

Not only was it an interstate move for Sammy and her family, it was a massive change of lifestyle too. However, the couple and their children are very happy that they made the move to the Mudgee Region.

It was more the material and unknown things like wondering what life would be like without immediate access to a giant shopping centre that were amongst the initial concerns, but a year on and Sammy hasn’t missed them at all. She was pleased to discover that everything they need can be sourced locally or online if need be.

Mudgee allows the family to be far enough away from a large city, immersing themselves in the regional lifestyle, but it is also close enough to access city services when needed. It is safe, but still an exciting place to live, and they have also found they appreciate the little things so much more – like literally stopping to smell the roses.

Why Mudgee?

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Unlike in larger cities, Sammy and her family feel like they are part of the Mudgee community. They know their neighbours, and the kids can play safely with their friends in the street. The kids climb trees, ride bikes and do all the things that kids should be able to do, which nowadays seems to be lost in city life. The Cecchini family have further embraced the Mudgee community by becoming involved in a range of sports and activities, which has ensured that everyone in the family is making new friends and acquaintances.

Dancing, Little Athletics, social swimming and piano lessons for the kids. In addition, touch football for Adam and a volunteer board position at Mudgee Preschool for Sammy, which ensures there is never a dull moment in their lives.

Sammy is pleased that Mudgee offers all the same options that were available to them in the city, but without the traffic and time pressures.

Nowadays, their weekends are their own, allowing them to explore the region and enjoy quality time together.

Careers and lifestyle

Sammy is a business professional with 20 years experience in communications, and although their move was originally motivated by her husband’s work, both Sammy and Adam believe they are able to make a real contribution in Mudgee, bringing new ideas, experiences and strategies into their workplaces and have them appreciated.

Living and working in a smaller community, they feel as though their participation is more readily recognised and acknowledged. In Mudgee, they find a more personable and immersive approach to everything they do, rather than an almost anonymous existence in the city.

As parents, Sammy and Adam want their children to thrive and want to have the time to share in experiences with them. Mudgee is providing a great balance for their family as both parents can enjoy their work and build their careers, whilst still being home for dinner together. Sammy is happy that the city still has its place in their lives, and with Sydney only a few hours’ drive away it is within easy reach. Mudgee truly is delivering an enviable lifestyle on all levels to the Cecchini family, with space to breathe, live, explore and a big house to contain all of their family, dreams and future.

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