Events Manager

“I chose Mudgee because it offered me both the career path that I was seeking and an opportunity to enter the housing market on my own.”

As a big believer that life is enriched with new experiences, Sally took a leap of faith in Mudgee after it appeared to be answering her career wishes and providing her with the opportunity to enter the housing market. She hasn’t looked back since, realising both of her goals within the Mudgee Region.

Why Mudgee?

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After a successful job interview, Sally made the choice to move from Sydney to Mudgee for an exciting career opportunity, ready to take on her new role and immerse herself into the community. Having experienced six years travelling and working abroad, Sally had a clear idea of what she wanted in her work and personal life. Ready to enjoy a new pace of life in Mudgee from that she was used to, Sally embraced her new opportunity.

Mudgee ticked all of Sally’s boxes; a career in events in local government and a town that was friendly, visually appealing and affordable. The latter allowed Sally to purchase her very first home, something that is almost unachievable in Sydney nowadays for a young single person. In addition to career, new relaxed lifestyle and a new home of her own, Sally is also very happy to be able to have all of this and still be within an easy and regular commute to her friends and family in Sydney.
On first impressions, Sally found Mudgee very visually appealing, with river frontage, parks, beautiful buildings and a town that clearly had a great deal of pride in its appearance. Sally loves the fact that the Mudgee Region is vibrant and each of the main towns has a central hub, with cafés, restaurants, boutiques and every other convenience she would ever need.

Life in Mudgee

Being a city girl who was more used to the hustle and bustle of living in major cities in Australia and around the world, Sally fell in love with how genuine and down to earth Mudgee people are. Mudgee is quieter and much more relaxed, but there is still a lot to do.

Sally truly believes that she can have the best of both worlds living in Mudgee, splitting her down-time between discovering new places to explore across the region, and then also having the convenience of a relatively short drive back to Sydney every month or so to catch up with friends and family.

Sally believes that her exploring of the Mudgee Region and broader Central West could take a while, as there are so many options for unique day-trips not far from Mudgee.

Like so many other tree-changers, Sally cannot believe all the extra time she now has in her day. In Sydney it took Sally two hours to commute to and from work, only living seven kilometres from the CBD. With a less than five minute commute in Mudgee, Sally is able to pursue new interests and activities, and she really feels she is now ‘working to live’ rather than the other way around.

Sally’s friends and family also love coming to visit her in Mudgee. Sally sees the region as a gourmet one, with great restaurants, amazing local wine and gorgeous venues featuring live music. She loves the fact that the hospitality industry is strong and that it is reflected in great customer experiences.

Socially speaking, Sally says the nightlife in Mudgee is very laid back and friendly. A quiet night out often results in making new friends, whilst hopping between venues that have no waiting lines – they are all within walking distance.

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