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“Having lived in both the country and the city, moving back to the country was an easy choice, especially the Mudgee Region, which has all of the conveniences of a city, but the beauty and lifestyle associated with a small country town.”

When the bright lights and big city had lost its pull, and housing affordability in Sydney was a daunting prospect, it is no wonder that Tom and Liv returned to their country roots.

Having grown up in the country as kids, they knew all of the benefits that a life in the country would offer both themselves and the children that they have planned. Lifestyle, combined with housing affordability and a working from home opportunity for Liv meant that they could bring this new goal forward to 2020.


Tom grew up in Warren and attended boarding school in Sydney. Liv grew up in Mudgee, attending St Matthews Catholic School until heading off to boarding school in Sydney, and not returning permanently from Sydney to Mudgee until 2020 after watching the town prosper and grow exponentially over the past 15 years.

Bronte, in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, offers a fun way of life, however housing affordability, living costs, traffic and the daily inconveniences of dealing with Sydney’s rat race was taking its toll and giving Tom and Liv itchy feet.

Living in Bronte, the couple felt they were becoming increasingly frustrated with the inability to have the lifestyle they wanted and a home of their own.

Tom and Liv realised it was time to re-evaluate their future and put some priority into their lives. Working from home had become widely accepted, even in Liv’s world of TV production, and it was clear that with Tom’s sought-after skills as an electrician that the move they considered as something in the future could be brought forward.

House hunting in Mudgee was achieved remotely, and despite some hesitations about leaving their Sydney lifestyle, work life and friends, Tom and Liv took the plunge back to the country and haven’t looked back since.

The opportunity to live in Mudgee, work remotely and duck off to Sydney as needed via car or plane became a convenient reality.

Why Mudgee?

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Being closer to family was a huge priority for Liv, but if you ask both her and Tom whether they would have chosen the Mudgee Region if family was not a priority, they will both emphatically answer yes. For Tom and Liv, Mudgee does really offer it all. A contemporary country lifestyle with old-school principles, the ability to live clean, green and sustainably, and plenty of social stimulation by visiting the town’s fabulous cafés, restaurants, pubs and wine bars with friends, Mudgee has everything the couple loves.

In addition to having their own beautiful home in Mudgee’s township, Tom and Liv also escape to Liv’s family home at Piambong, where they enjoy the picturesque beauty of the rolling hills and getting out amongst the cattle and open spaces. Just another aspect to their love affair with their new beginnings in Mudgee.

Despite living regionally, Tom and Liv have access to the town’s good schools, a new modern hospital, and given how much the community has grown and changed since Liv left Mudgee, she and Tom expect that the resources available to Mudgee will only continue to improve.

Country convenience with the city only a stone’s throw away

When they need a fix of city life, a stint at the beach or to fill professional contracts in Sydney or beyond, Tom and Liv know that they have the ability to spread their wings at the drop of a hat, easily accessing Sydney via a 3.5 hour drive or 45 minute flight. Therefore, while they feel that Mudgee offers them and their future children security and grounding, they know it can also function as a nucleus to many adventures as they arise.

In addition to transferring his electrician skills to Mudgee to service the community and build a successful business, Tom will soon embark on providing locals with access to professional solar power installation and sustainable power options. Living a sustainable lifestyle is something that Tom and Liv are both very passionate about.

Mudgee is a booming tourism destination with a real buzz, and provides many people with business opportunities. In the case of Tom and Liv, it also offers them the opportunity to Airbnb their house on weekends, allowing them to get even further ahead with their affordable mortgage.

It is clear that Tom and Liv have a lifetime of happiness and goal-reaching ahead of them, while benefiting from all that Mudgee has to offer.

Tom Azar Electrical

Tom Azar is an electrician with over 10 years experience. Since moving to Mudgee his business, Tom Azar Electrical, has focused on domestic and commercial electrical work with a particular interest in sustainable and renewable energy consumption.

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