Mudgee Region: a great place to invest

Stable economic and business environment

Access to affordable real estate for investment properties or business use

Access to experts who can assist in making the right investment decision

One of NSW’s fastest growing regions, and has as a thriving tourism industry

Opportunity for continual growth for existing businesses, new start-ups and entrepreneurs in a supportive community that has relatively low overheads compared to other regions. The Mudgee Region encourages local innovation and entrepreneurship

Strong interest locally in innovation and entrepreneurial activities for all investors

Centrally located in regional NSW with major service industries that are well connected by road, facilitating efficient domestic and international trade

High speed NBN network available through a range of service providers

The region’s labour force comprises over 10,000 diversely skilled employees

Mudgee Region residential and commercial land prices

There is a strong supply of affordable and adequately zoned land available across the Mudgee Region for residential, commercial and investment purposes. There are a range of vacant residential lots available to cater for individual requirements in Mudgee, Gulgong, Kandos and Rylstone. A typical 800-1,000 square metre vacant residential site in a new housing estate is available from approximately $200,000 in the Mudgee urban area, whilst a 1 acre block in an established area is available from around $400,000.

Mudgee Region facilities and infrastructure

A key focus of Mid-Western Regional Council is to ensure that local economic infrastructure is provided to meet the needs of local businesses and industries operating in the region. Council continues to invest in essential infrastructure by enhancing its roads, water and sewer networks to accommodate a growing population and expanding business needs. It also makes a significant contribution to new community infrastructure projects, which improve the amenity for local residents and make the region an attractive place to live, work and invest.

Mudgee Region economy

Gross Regional Product (2020) for the region was $2.93 billion, and a key strength of the local economy is its diversity. Business and investment in the Mudgee Region is driven by a number of key industry sectors, of which the top 4 each contribute more than $100 million per annum to overall economic growth. The mining sector accounts for more than half the value of goods and services produced in the region. Agriculture continues to play an important role in the local economy with a wide range of high quality products being locally produced including super fine wool, honey, livestock, thoroughbred horses, grapes and crops. Strong business expansion and continued economic growth has driven increased real estate investment over the last 7 years.

Future of Mudgee Region industry

With new state significant developments, continued mine expansion and a growing population, it is expected that median house values, sales and development approvals will continue to increase. Major industries such as manufacturing and construction will continue to produce large outputs to service the local mining industry. Tourism related businesses are expected to expand, with a consistently growing tourism sector. New wind and solar projects will provide short term opportunities for local businesses during construction.

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Council business support

Council recognises the importance of local business in the region and the economic and employment benefits businesses bring to the local community. Council is committed to supporting local businesses and providing a business environment which supports sustainable economic growth and business opportunities in the Region.

Find out more about local business support provided by Council.

Council’s average annual Development Application approvals


* dwellings and dual occupancies

Construction value of approved Development Applications















Number of applications determined by Council


Number of Applications













Source: Mid-Western Regional Council

Source: NSW Department of Planning

Source: NSW Department of Planning

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